The context of space is the most direct and pure way to dialogue with the owner themselves. In this project, we introduce forms, materials, lights and shades with limited space; the personality and taste of this owner were not only shown by the interior details but also by the unique natural texture of materials, this design approach redefines the slow-paced life experience and make it exclusive to the owner.

As to the layout designing in the very beginning, the left side of the entrance is the odd space that resulted from the perpendicular of elevator and column inside the walls. Thus we use the rectangle shape of semi-transparent shelf to define foyer and living room space. The greenery then is brought into this openness space from outdoor balcony to living room, dining area and kitchen. The texture of rough cast-in concrete and the subtle wood veneer that connects nature, space and materials altogether and shaping a sense of comfortable and relax living experience.

As to the approaching of spatial zones, we introduce the customized shelf and dining table to define the boundary of each space, try to avoid the repressive feeling of wall partition and also reflect the coordination between each materials and the owner’s unique taste towards this interior. Thus, the life pattern was shaped by the relations between the owner, forms and spaces.

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