All design inspirations come from a photo of the house owner. It shows a picturesque and tranquil scene in the midst of the lush woods, making everyone who sees it refreshing. The owner hopes his house is designed to be like the scene in the photo. Thus, the photo is source of the design inspiration…

The site is located in the hillside of Yangming Mountain. The entire building is surrounded by the nature. Based on the excellent geological conditions, the designer hopes to continuously utilize a vision of green to convey the design concept that interior/exterior has no boundaries, and create the impressive landscape similar to that of the owner’s photo. Through the spatial axles, the vestibule entrance has penetrating side view, which is extended to the outside. At the dining table in the X axis direction, two enframed sceneries from both sides are rendered, and the interior enframed scenery is extended to the view outside the window, leaving an outstanding impression.

In order to create a boundless space, texture and characteristics of material are used in interior decoration. In front of the vestibule, the black slate floor with white stripes is extended to outside of the glass corridor; exposed concrete which originally considers coarse appears in a fine wood grain; coarse tiles show a sense of massiveness; the middle column which was unsightly has become a highlight due to mottled rust. With the hierarchical enframed scenery, the vision is led to the outside from rich interior texture. Perspective outside of window varies in thickness, and passes through the light ray to regenerate moon and sun shadow axial line. With the unobvious boundary line, the surface is hidden to reinterpret definition of In /Out!

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