A spatial soul is often highlighted by sentimental objectives. The couple of the house has plenty of collections, but their tastes are quite different. The husband prefers to collect Eastern writing brushes and ink sticks. Due to his religion, he also likes to scribe scriptures, while the wife prefers to collect and arrange modern home decoration and ornaments. We make the design according to the couple's life track and their collections.

“Perspective” reflects both the virtual and the real space. When the space media is transformed into penetrating materials, they are changed to the objectives of the entire space from independent space, and meanwhile are read. At different angles, back and front views and tracks after integration can be seen through spatial penetration.

As an intermediary space, a study room reflects peculiarity of the couple, including Japanese screen. This is consistent with the husband’s quite and regular temper; the partition design uses western picture frames for visual impact, but it is still harmonious. Frame as the design texture is assigned with new meanings. When the sun penetrates through the study room, vision is reintegrated through light ray to connect each space, providing a vision feast with eastern and western styles.

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