Design Process

  • 1

    Business negotiation

    Proprietor space must be communicated with style discussion and data collection. Company overview briefing.

  • 2

    Design consignment

    Construction site survey, measurement, photo, base status analysis and records.

  • 3

    Floor Planning

    Preliminary floor planning; Communicate with proprietor and validate the details of design allocation.

  • 4

    Floor Plan Finalization

    Develop floor plan system drawing (design floor plan, ceiling plan, lighting fixture allocation drawing, lighting circuit drawing, utility floor plan)

  • 5

    Elevation planning

    Preliminary elevation planning; discuss and then confirm the style of the elevation plan; make a proposal of material and color plan

  • 6

    3D rendering and detailed planning

    Develop the details of elevation plan; confirm the relative utility list (such as cookware, bath facilities, and air conditioner)

  • 7

    Drawings confirmation

    Confirm all the drawings of planning; Confirm the material and color plan; Making a construction budgetary statement

Construction Process

  • 1

    Project proposal

    Construction instructions and regulations → Making a construction budgetary statement

  • 2

    Signing a construction contract

    Contracting out of project → Drawing up a construction schedule → Determining the date of Commence

  • 3

    Construction management

    Management of construction safety → Supervision of construction quality → full control of construction progress

  • 4

    Inspection and acceptance of the completed construction

    Preliminary inspection and acceptance of the construction

  • 5

    Secondary inspection and acceptance

    Comfirm the receipt of acceptance of completed construction and hand over the house.

  • 6

    Project closed

    Warrenty and maintenance → Quality tracking