Every design space carries precious stories of the homeowners' lifestyle habits, creating a deep connection that transforms a "home" into an emotional hub. In this case, the homeowners are a young couple with three lively and adorable children who recently returned to Taiwan after an extended stay abroad. This residence is not just a space; it's their emotional anchor.

Understanding the homeowners' pursuit of freedom, the design team utilized an open layout blueprint, cleverly intertwining the living room, dining area, and study. This encourages family members to interact and nurture emotions in the public areas, adding laughter and warmth to the space. Despite the limitations of existing structural beams and columns, folding and stacking design techniques were employed, incorporating sharp angles, stainless steel, and reflective materials to create a broader visual effect.

The overall space features primarily wooden materials with an earthy color palette, adding layers to the space while being easy to maintain. This aligns with the homeowners' philosophy of providing equal and unrestricted education, allowing the children to grow freely.

In the spacious common area, an exquisite rectangular marble dining table complements the central island, becoming a sacred place for family bonding. The study in the public space is the core of the homeowners' life, where the husband often accompanies the children, actively participating in parent-child activities and bringing the family closer together.

The combination of warm wooden elements and earthy tones in the soft furnishings creates a comfortable and pleasant atmosphere. Inspired by bright tones, the homeowners aimed to infuse liveliness and creativity, resulting in a light, warm, and diverse living space.

The bedrooms serve as a haven of healing and tranquility. The master bedroom draws inspiration from texture and subtle luxury, blending leather, special paints, and marble to create an elegant ambiance. The interplay of wood grain, leather textures, special paints, and marble creates a captivating visual feast. The children's room, with its vibrant and lively theme, is tailored from wall frames and light fixtures to color tones, reflecting the playful personalities of the two young boys. The homeowners mention the strong bond between the children, sharing life's moments and exploring various aspects of academics together.

This love-centered family residence is not just a place to live but also an emotional sanctuary, blending freedom, interaction, and love to compose a heartfelt melody of home. It witnesses the beautiful story of the homeowners' collective growth.

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