In this project, the homeowner has a distinct preference for dark tones and possesses a refined taste for life. Interestingly, this family home is a shared sanctuary for the homeowner and multi-generational family members. Carefully listening to the homeowner's needs, the designer and team have meticulously crafted a unique home that caters to the diverse needs of each family member.

Centered around the theme of "Ink-Crafted," the space design aims to evoke the profound and layered qualities of ink colors. The circulation plan delicately separates public and private areas, incorporating transitional zones, such as the study along the pathway to the master bedroom and an elegant inner foyer leading to other rooms. These considerations maintain a sense of privacy when moving through public areas.

The original structural beams undergo a thorough transformation, cleverly concealed within cabinets in the study and living room. Exposed portions are clad in mirrored stainless steel, eliminating the visual pressure caused by beams and pillars. The overall spatial planning utilizes a progressive layering technique, creating a refined tapestry akin to a painting within a painting. Room doors are ingeniously hidden within the inner foyer, maintaining privacy in the public areas.

A rich mix of materials is a standout feature, including special paints, metal, wood, 3D bricks, natural stones, and titanium plating, presenting a detailed and ever-changing facade. The varied materials contribute to the tension between the real and the perceived in the space. Notably, the entrance into the living room features a striking island covered with thick, dark natural stones, showcasing a blend of rugged textures and polished surfaces.

The master bathroom introduces a unique element with a boldly chosen green bathtub. Irregularly chiseled natural stones serve as a distinctive backdrop, accentuating the contrast through the transparent green bathtub. The guest bathroom features a vibrant blue basin chosen by the homeowner, becoming a focal point alongside a geometrically shaped mirror cabinet.

The interior space transforms with different light and shadow movements, showcasing the unique effects of materials, such as the metal-painted TV wall in the living room, which creates a distinctive play of light and shadow in the outdoor environment.

This home is not only a pursuit of spatial aesthetics and refined taste but also an ideal living space that accommodates the needs of everyone, allowing the homeowner and family to share beautiful moments and compose a symphony of happiness in their lives.

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