Cooperation Brand

Arketipo (Italy) : Specializes in leather & saddle leather with mastery and experience.
Frag (Italy) : Integration between tradition & modernity . Fashion & craftsmanship blended to offer classically contemporary products .
Saba Italia (Italy) : Provides the warmth & the cosiness collections with variety styles.
Moroso (Italy) : From pure monochrome to vividly daring color palette. Creates a well recognized & pleasing design.
La Chance (France) : Sophisticated and singular design based on noble materials with strong & distinctive style.
Piure (Germany) : Luxury craftsmanship. Specialized in authentic vintage style furniture.
Papadatos (Greece) : Exploring in graceful shapes & proficient proportion. High quality boutique brand.

ZX Living provides a spacious comfy space that resonates personally pursuing a higher gracious living way.
Offer a collection from world-wide deluxe furniture that are made to order by skilled craftsmen.
Aim to help your home realize it to perfection.

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