Located in the East Shopping Area of Taipei city, the Hair Salon was designed, from its name to the actual interior design, by the chief designer of X-Line Design Chih-Chung Shen. Skillfully using modern materials and combining them according to an accurate proportion, Shen shaped an icy, subtle first impression of this place. Walking through the salon is like going through a ritual of “change.” The designer emphasized elements such as beauty and coziness of this place. He also expected this case to reach an excellent level of taste and

Our clients in this case are two stylists who have been good friends of Shen for years. After fully communicating with each other, they decided to create a space with vivid and modern personality. Different from the traditional impression of beauty salons, Shen used plain concrete, black mirror and painted glass to create the background key tone (mainly the color black and grey) and a stern impression. In the steady and subtle atmosphere, Shen tried to give the salon a “timeless” air as if standing in a fashion lounge bar. His pursuit of beauty and style was realized in this case.

Insisting on the “human-oriented” philosophy, Shen reserved many private spaces for customers. He arranged independent and half-opened areas, and designed the circulation carefully for the customers’ privacy. In addition to the interaction between people and the space, he skillfully controlled the interaction between the people, creating a place where everyone can enjoy the most comfortable space of their own.

Considering the users’ tendency, Shen uplifted the slanted floor of the old building, balancing the foundation of the whole place. At the same time he set up a waiting area and a bar, giving children waiting for their moms or customers who come to the salon alone a home-like corner where they can feel free to do whatever they like.

Shen deliberately decreased the number of the seats from sixteen to ten, leaving more individual spaces for each customer. “You can never see other customers’ faces, not even through searching for their reflections in the mirror,” said Shen. His design allowed customers to focus on their own stylists and enjoy their beauty transformation.

Non-regularized business space
Shen used rich light source and low luminance to create a lounge-bar-like atmosphere. This design can also provide enough light when needed. Moreover, he placed an irregularly-formed chandelier in this box-like space to create an interesting contrast, making the room livelier. Here the designer was trying to create a non-regularized business space where people can see the interesting elements in the pithy design.

Intending to give customers a little space where they can enjoy the relaxing music and get complete rest, Shen separated the shampoo area from other parts. Customers can pamper themselves in the SPA-like moment, turning the hair care process into a whole new leisure experience. Furthermore, the color bar was designed as a colorful decoration, having both practical function (storing the hair dye) and aesthetic function at the same time. Trusted by the clients, Shen took complete care of this place from the overall structure to the tiny decorations. The product pleased our clients and their customers very much, creating a new possibility for the future styles of hair salons.

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