Two spaces of different characteristics for clothing and SPA are linked together using a number of design techniques, including material, light and visual.Design of the clothing area was inspired by the process for making clothes, and incorporates folds and sowing lines of clothes as elements, using “virtual/solid” and “raised/indented” techniques to link blocks together into a wall; the display cabinet was pieced together with environmental materials to create a cubic effect. The clothes-rack presents the image of
“needle and thread,” embedding a flowing line onto the simple rough white wall, displaying each garment like a piece of art.

The view extends into the SPA area; the special paint on the wall is a hidden connection medium, and the corridor utilizes indirect light to give the space a sense of lightness. With regards to the material used, relatively natural material,such as stone-like tiles, wood and black mirror are used to create a simple appearance, linking together the line of motion and styles, while arousing sensual needs of the human body for deep comfort.

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