In Chinese world, the bamboo “joint” often symbolize the character of people’s ambition and strength. In Botany, the joint part of plants helps to strengthen and support the bamboo from breaking off. Thus, this ideology was brought into this design method that emphasizes on how the “joint” represent one men’s ambition and by using that to thrive in this design industry.

With this grand announcement of winners from this most famous interior design competition in Asia region (Taiwan Interior Design Award), we chose a historical space in Songshan Cultural and Creative Park to exhibit winner’s work piece.
The upright bamboos were introduced into this exhibition gallery to symbolize designer’s commitment and ambition towards this competition.

The interlock of horizontal and vertical bamboos enhances the layers within this gallery space and also uses it in a concrete way to embody the competition among those designers. The upright bamboos were installed right under the original wood frame and rusty steel frame, each project boards were emphasized and popped out from the background by introducing light design that hanging from bamboo structure.

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