Eyeglasses are an expression of personality and taste – black frames show steadiness, frameless eyeglasses are a sign of efficiency, sunglasses indicate selfishness, half frame eyeglasses express…etc.

When this relationship between people and eyeglasses is applied to space, the expression of one’s characteristics through eyeglasses and relationship between viewers and the viewed are manifested in the dialogue between space and frames.

In the frame of each space, we flexibly use different types of glass (clear float glass, ceramic spandrel glass, sand-blasted glass, hollow plates, tinted glass, and black mirror) and adjustable louvers to create unique areas.

The charm of materials is brought into full play as reflection and transmission of light are used to create clear and blurry open and private spaces, displaying the clarity and quality of each detail. This uniqueness of each individual space demonstrates the spatial philosophy of frames in the leading role.

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