This is a fashion trading company’s headquarters. Through the clothing elements, such as linearity, interweaving, geometry, and gradation, our team developed a rhythmical pattern for the office space to demonstrate the company's philosophy.

The office space combines a transparent design with a multi-directional layout, creating a sense of spaciousness and transparency, allowing different parts of the building to enjoy their own working environments while allowing for unobstructed communication and observation.

The silhouettes and colours of the clothing hanging on the display shelves were revealed through the installation of perforated film behind the reception desk. Hence, it creates an indirect first impression that explains the nature of the company's business.

Also, the appliance of reflective metal materials in the ceiling and cabinets of the meeting room mingles with lights, to create a dynamic visual ambience. As a result of its linear metal hangers and unobstructed depth of field, it creates a free and open working environment that allows staff to express their creativity and imagination without fear of limitations.

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