When we first entered into the site that locates on the middle hill of Beitou, the architecture was surrounded by the mountain and ocean but the scenery, natural lights and air circulation were blocked out by the existing staircase that locates at the center of this space, hence, the design solution is aimed to solve this problem and try to reconnect the indoor with outdoor landscape.

As the previous conversation with the owner, the purpose of this space was served as a retreat house and also showcases their boutique collection. We use the axis-X and axis-Y to define the structure of each spaces and their function on this public floor, the axis also acts as a link to reconnect spaces and a continuity of the traffic flow. As to the design approaching, we lower the ceiling height of foyer and use customized titanium frame in the back to draw vision focus on the art piece by framing the view with photography theory. We also use the reflections of mirrors to blur the existing of columns that placed between full height windows on each side, try to bring the outdoor scenery and lights in the artistic space.

As to the elevation designs, we continue to adopt the architectural beams axis feature and then applied it onto our elevation layout with aesthetic graphic proportion. The patterns of each material were recomposed and rearranged by sophisticated calculation, forming a delicate interior that correspond to the owner’s boutique collection. The sophisticated life style and perception were shaped by this artistic space, like when we’re appreciating abstract art, we have whole new different perception and perspectives towards it every time.

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