The project is located at the alley of high density of population and commercial area, the building is very close to the adjacent buildings and building across street. The 15 meters long existing site, only have windows at the two ends of the building and one enclosed basement space.
Our design approach is aimed from the environment aspect. How to preserve the privacy from the closed distance between buildings with the front opened courtyard? How to isolate the noises from the street and also maintain the air circulation and natural light? By resolving these issues, we use four different approaches to designing the space, which are environment, lights, air and function.

By using the buffering space of the front opened courtyard, we redefine the relationship between outdoor and indoor, try to enhance the gradually changes from the busy outdoor city life to the relaxing indoor life. We borrowed the concept of loft and introduce it to the space design that enhances the circulation of air and lights, also create micro-relations between the entrance and the private living space.

To fulfill the function needs and the flexibility among those spaces, we use folding doors to define and blur the boundaries between public and private areas so that we can obtain the maximum usage of the spaces.

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