The design approach is to use axis X and axis Y to re-connect the dialogue between human being and the space from the existing 45 degree angle of disconnect spaces. The vertical flow of lights variation provides people to obtain more intimate interaction with the space. The art gallery reshapes the link between public space and private space as well as serves as a media of the continued traffic flow. We showcase the gradation boundaries between public and private space by introducing the art elements to the space. As to the public space, we introducing the sliding partition to redefine the boundary between dining area and the tearoom, open/close, these two concepts coexistence at the same time. The transition and flexibility between spaces enhance the flow of lights as well as the interaction among people.

The ink-color flooring spreads out on the ground with the light refracts from the window shades forming multiple layers within the space. The
divisional cutting of interior materials correspond to the outline of art displays. Decorations in this case soften the volume of walls but also enhance the existence of the space. The master bedroom in private area continued the concept of open/close to connect each space and make flexible use of it by introducing transparent material.

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