Every building and space reflects the unique characteristics and intentions of the homeowner. In this design case, we invite you to explore "Tathagata Home," a place of practice located in the remote area of Yujing, Tainan, with profound life stories behind it. Inter-generational care has always been an important topic in this region. Initially, the building served as a secluded retreat for a monk. As local residents approached the monk, requesting a nurturing environment filled with love and tranquility for the local children to receive quality education and care, the purpose of this building gradually transformed.

Following the principle of "society contributes, society benefits," Shen Zhizhong and the design team collaborated with other units, injecting a selfless spirit into the architectural concept. The goal was to provide a space for the monk's practice while creating a beautiful educational environment for the local children. The design of the building's exterior, featuring a gesture of reverence, symbolizes respect for the monk and a deep commitment to this mission.

The overall spatial design incorporates the subtle use of natural light. Carefully positioned French windows and skylights allow sunlight to naturally transition into the building, creating a pleasant atmosphere throughout the seasons. The design follows a minimalist style, emphasizing the purity of materials, including exposed brick walls with a textured finish, wooden-toned ceilings and floors, and warm, solid wood furniture. For practitioners, simplicity is sufficient. The primary purpose of this building is to provide a serene and gentle space for communication among the visiting devotees.

Most importantly, we sincerely thank all the units involved in this project. Their selfless contributions have made the interior and exterior design of this building a successful reality.

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